The Group

The world leading manufacturer of creative and technical papers,

Arjowiggins has operations in Europe, North America and Asia.
The Group follows a strategy of constant innovation to provide its customers with high added-value, environmentally-friendly products.

Far from being a conventional paper manufacturer, Arjowiggins mainstreams the latest technology breakthroughs into its materials to provide its customers with the pioneering solutions best suited to their needs. Arjowiggins has been at the forefront of the move towards environmentally-friendly papers and papers incorporating security solutions.

With nearly 3,500 employees and 16 production and conversion plants, Arjowiggins generated sales of €905 million in 2015.

Arjowiggins is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sequana, a company listed on Euronext Paris.

Key figures 2015

2015 Sales by Division*
aws-en-2015-ca-divSales by
geographic region*


Headcount by Division*
aws-en-2015-effect-divHeadcount by
geographic region*

* Included Arjowiggins Healthcare discontinued operation in June 2016.


Pascal Lebard
CEO of Arjowiggins

Antoine Courteault
Legal Director

Alain Gourjon
Chief Financial Officer

Jonathan Mitchell
Managing Director of Arjowiggins Creative Papers

Agnès Roger
Managing Director of Arjowiggings Graphic