Arjowiggins wins the Best Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator at the OE-A 2021 Competition with the ‘SUPERSMART Anti Counterfeiting Label‘ project


OE-A (Organic and Printed Electronics Association) is the leading international industry association for the emerging technology of organic and printed electronics. Representing the entire value chain, OE-A provides a unique platform for local and international cooperation between companies and research institutes.

During the annually organized OE-A 2021 Competition, the jury, consisting of representatives from international companies and institutes from 13 countries, rated 22 submissions in three categories.

The “SUPERSMART Anti Counterfeiting Label” project has been selected as Best Publicly Funded Project Demonstrator.

The goal of SUPERSMART project is the industrialization of high-performance key materials in order to secure the electronic material supply chain.

The demonstrator consists of two paper-based demonstrators realized in the frame of the SUPERSMART project. A shock detection active tag based on a piezo material to track product damage during transport and an anti-counterfeiting label relying on an electrochromic display to authenticate medical or luxury products.

Paper-based electronics paves the way to intelligent newspapers, smart labels and further paper-based products. But, moreover, paper substrates can be produced with low use of oil-based raw materials compared to polymer substrates and are more easy to recycle lowering the CO2 footprint. Only high-quality paper with low surface roughness is suited as electronic substrate.

“The winners’ ideas and products show impressively how broad the application opportunities for our industries are. The OE-A Competition motivates companies to think outside the box. This provides new impulses for the technological development of printed electronics as well as product design and shows users which products and concepts are in the pipeline”, states Klaus Hecker, Managing Director of OE-A.

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