Creative Papers

Extra Black is the new black


It’s black. And it’s magic.

Our Curious Collection Translucents range now includes an Extra Black. A black with many facets: at once dark and light; tough and strong but with a natural feel; inimitable yet versatile. The paper equivalent of a limousine window. Cool, enigmatic, prompting further investigation of whatever lies beneath: a luxurious publication, a novel product, an intriguing invitation.

Extra Black is a unique creation of Arjowiggins. Our next-level technical know-how has devised a creative paper that engages the senses. The matt black is intense, uniform and glassy. To the touch, it is warm and velvet. It even sounds unique, emitting a gentle crack when handled.

It may look and sound unlike any other paper, but there is nothing synthetic about Extra Black. Made with 100% natural clean, sustainable fibres and free of transparentising chemicals, Extra Black is a 100% recyclable alternative to petrochemical-based plastics and films, made only by Arjowiggins.

New for 2022, Extra Black brings a new dimension to the Curious Translucents range. Explore the hidden depths of our new Curious Collection Translucents Extra Black.

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Creative Direction: BVD

Photography: Dana Ozollapa