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Guarro Casas launches Greenluxe, a new recycled range for publishing and packaging applications


Greenluxe is Guarro Casas’ new recycled collection, manufactured with post-consumer waste. With a natural, slightly felt-marked finish and anti-fingerprint treatment, it offers two options: one range made of 100% recycled pulp, from selected origins to guarantee its resistance; and one range made of 50% recycled pulp, the other half being virgin fibres, for jobs which require a paper with very high mechanical properties.

The 100% recycled range is available in eight neutral and vivid colours and three weights (120g, 180g and 270g), making it ideal for premium packaging applications. The 50% recycled range offers 12 intense colours and two weights (120g and 340g) to cover both packaging and publishing applications. In total, Greenluxe proposes 26 stock items, which can be embossed on demand, and sold in sheets or rolls.

Greenluxe is Guarro Casas’s answer to the industry’s increasing demand for recycled materials. In addition, the mill has taken it one step further in terms of sustainability by making the production of Greenluxe carbon neutral. This means that the carbon footprint will be offset by planting trees that absorb the same amount of CO2 produced during the manufacturing process.

Greenluxe is featured in the new edition of the SELECTED brochure, designed by Otzarreta. SELECTED is a yearly event held in Bilbao that celebrates creativity and design. The objective of the brochure is to reflect the role that diversity in design can play to help creating a more sustainable future. The cover, made with Greenluxe 50% Recycled White 340g, has been die-cut, thus revealing the flyleaf in all the different colours from the Greenluxe 50% recycled range. The die-cut represents the event logo in a macro-scale puzzle that invites the public to interact. The inside pages are printed on Greenluxe 100% Recycled 140g.

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