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Creative Papers

Arjowiggins’ creative papers are valued by designers, printers and brand owners around the world for their quality and innovation. Our famous brand names include:


Curious Collection





Rives Sensation


Creative Labels

Creative Packaging


The array of weights, colours and finishes across our product ranges has led to their use in the creation of printed communication of every kind, personal and commercial, from stationery and invitations to annual reports, brochures, books and luxury packaging.

Our papers are endlessly adaptable, to supporting print and finishing processes such as hot-foil stamping, screen printing, embossing and die-cutting. A wide selection of our papers are also compatible with and certified for HP Indigo technology (liquid-toner printing), as well as with dry-toner digital printing systems.

Sustainability is top of our page. All of our creative papers are FSC™-certified and many of our high-quality papers used in graphic applications and luxury packaging are produced using recycled and alternative fibres. Our Conqueror range is also available carbon neutral in 15 countries.

Our creative papers are available worldwide thanks to our global network of distributors.

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Cover Papers

At our Guarro Casas mill in Catalonia, we produce specialist papers to stir sensations: to suggest desirability and value in luxury packaging, charisma in a book jacket, reassurance in the binding for a security document.

Our range of cover papers encompasses natural, embossed, recycled, impregnated, painted and varnished products, all with exceptional printability and mechanical performance. They are used across the world in applications demanding a specialist tactile finish, strength and outstanding light resistance. Our best-known brands are:

  • Altamira: a matt leather-like material with a soft touch, available in five colors
  • Geltex: a versatile, matt finish paper with more than 80 colors, six weights and ten embossings
  • Geltex reflejos: the quality of Geltex in a range of iridescent metallic colors
  • Greenluxe: quality and resistance made with recycled fibres, in more than ten colours
  • Guaflex: our famous glossy, leather-like material with dozens of combinations
  • Guaflex Passport: a tougher, more secure form of Guaflex, for passport covers
  • Masterblank: a soft cover paper with personality, textures and two shades of white
  • Novaflex: a new, lustrous, leather-like material, lighter and more flexible
  • Pelline: a matt finish in on-trend colors
  • Sideral: matt metallic colours inspired by space travel
  • Ultrabox: natural, textured papers in high weights, the reference in the flexible packaging

Our low-weight products are available in natural or embossed finishes, matt or gloss, with the widest range of textures in the market. For designers and brands, they provide the perfect balance between printability and finish. Heavier papers used in luxury products can be foil-stamped, silkscreened, printed and folded, all in the same paper. And our products for passports, security documents, folders, notebooks and diaries, offer the resistance and durability needed to stand the test of time.

More than 300 years old, the Guarro Casas mill itself has stood the test of time, continuing to innovate and develop longer life-cycle products, with full recyclability, and reducing its material consumption and waste, to help make a better world.

Our cover papers are available worldwide through our distributors, as well as direct from the Guarro Casas mill in Spain.

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Translucent Papers

From envelope windows and sticky notes to food packaging and furniture-making, our translucent papers offer properties that are employed across numerous applications with stunning results.

We combine traditional and modern processing technologies to produce papers for 21st-century needs, to high environmental standards.

Specialty papers

Among the traditional applications for our high-quality specialty papers are graphic, advertising and promotional papers, arts and crafts papers, labels, sticky notes, envelopes and our technical-drawing paper, Gateway. Industrial applications include tailored translucent grades for battery separators, solar panels and clean-room papers.

Furniture manufacturing

Arjocore is a translucent paper adapted for the processing of decorative laminates. It is used widely in the furniture and building industries as a core layer for post-forming laminates into curved profiles.

Food packaging

Sylvicta is a very high-barrier paper that perfectly preserves the freshness of fresh food while ensuring limited impact on the environment – wholly recyclable, compostable and marine degradable, and made from renewable raw materials.

For the cosmetics sector as well as the food industry, Sylvicta offers brands a plastic replacement that can help achieve worldwide ambitions to move towards a sustainable, circular economy.

Creatively, Sylvicta represents no compromise: it can be foil-stamped, glued, embossed, printed in offset, gravure and flexography, or coated with heat or cold-sealable materials.

Across our translucent papers business, we set high environmental standards. All of our products are FSC™ and PEFC™-certified and Sylvicta is carbon-offset through the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced programme.

Our translucent papers are available worldwide.

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Smart Papers

Today, paper isn’t just something humans communicate with; it can communicate all by itself.

PowerCoat® offers a seamless way to integrate electronics into everyday products such as packaging, event tickets, cards and magazines, as well as into more sophisticated applications such as pressure-sensitive materials, lighting and displays.

Be it the printing of electronic and conductive circuitry directly onto paper or the printing of smart and connected paper products, you will find the perfect solution. The PowerCoat® range are super-smooth, flexible paper substrates with high-tech coatings that offer the ideal surface for carrying printed electronic circuits.

There is a PowerCoat® product for every kind of printed electronic application:

  • PowerCoat® HD: for printing high-precision electronic circuitry
  • PowerCoat®XD: for printing electronics for high-throughput processes
  • PowerCoat® ALIVE: for graphic printing in sheets and labels
  • PowerCoat® Security Documents
  • PowerCoat® Smartcore: for integrating electronics into plastics and laminates

Our smart papers can undergo a wide range of printing and finishing processes. They are all recyclable, biodegradable and FSC-certified, eliminating the need for plastics and additional processes.

The PowerCoat® range is available worldwide.

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Security Papers

In our digital world, paper is increasingly the first line of defence against fraudulent copying and counterfeiting. Our security papers have been sold in more than 130 countries.

In visas, passports, cheques, tickets and vouchers, stamps, driving licenses, diplomas and other high-value documents, they offer the kind of protection that’s almost impossible to replicate.

The processes and choices involved with security papers are complex. Our expert team is here to guide customers towards a paper with the features and levels of security to precisely meet their demands.

These security features can include:

  • Watermarks
  • Security fibres
  • Security threads
  • Hilites/StarLites™
  • Planchettes
  • Tag’Spheres
  • Fluoforms
  • Instant verification
  • Iridescent printing
  • Holographic foil
  • RFID/NFC solutions
  • Chemical reactions
  • Laserguard™
  • Jetguard™
  • Adhesive solutions
  • Cover material

The close collaboration we maintain with corporate customers and governments around the world allows us to develop obvious and covert security measures that respond perfectly to counterfeiting and forgery problems.

All of our security papers are FSC™-certified, and they can all support a wide array of printing and finishing techniques, including hot-foil stamping, screen printing, embossing and die-cutting.

Our security papers are available worldwide.

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Transfer Papers

Specialist in the manufacturing of transfer papers for printing on textiles, Arjowiggins constantly innovates to offer customers the best solutions.

We offer papers for both cold peel and hot split heat transfers, as well as digital transfer papers.

Our products are suitable for all printing techniques: screen printing, offset litho and digital printing, and offer all the benefits and consistency that come from specially designed and time-tested release coatings.

To find out more, go to:

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If none of our standard paper ranges fits the bill, go bespoke. Every year we develop scores of custom-made papers for designers and brand-owners whose projects demand a memorable, one-off material.

We’ll work with you to create your own signature paper, guiding you through the alternatives of material, weight, surface, colour, texture, inclusions, watermarking and size. We’ll define the smoothness, stiffness, brightness and opacity to add value and character to your project, and bring to bear all of the scientific knowledge, experience and craftsmanship of the experts and R&D teams at our mills.

Your custom-made paper starts here. The options include:

  • Fibre
    • Virgin FSC or PEFC-certified wood pulp
    • Post-consumer recycled pulp
    • Cotton linters
    • Alternative fibres
  • Surface
    • Smooth
    • Wove
    • Rough
    • Laid
    • Soft-touch
    • Felt-marked
    • Embossed
    • Watermarked
  • Colours and visual effects
    • White or colour
    • Metallic
    • Matt
    • Gloss
    • Translucent
    • Inclusions
  • Weight
    • From 50gsm to 450gsm
    • Duplexing for higher grammages
  • Special properties
    • Wet strength
    • Security features
    • Smart paper
    • Food contact

Stage by stage, our team will bring your vision to life:

  • Consultation: we’ll discuss your project and objectives, and try to match any samples you have (paper, cloth, fabric, leather…)
  • Research and prototyping: lab trials will help us to produce samples and define a product specification
  • Product development: we’ll carry out mill trials and the technical validation process
  • Production: once it has rolled off our presses, your bespoke paper will be delivered to you or your printer

If you are interested in developing your own signature paper with us, get in touch.